Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Adventure off road...

Serra do Alvão
Experience this great and exciting adventure. Take a look at this video made on a beautiful hill, at the Serra do Alvão near Vila Real - Portugal.

You must try it and feel the thrill of droping down a hill during a dark night!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Enjoy the view of this snow-capped pine cones on evergreen, highlighted with sparkling gold foil and a rich red ornament. Hope that my wishes for Christmas can be vividly expressed to everyone.

Apreciem as vista deste pinheiro nórdico iluminado por brilhantes folhas douradas cintilantes e ornamento vermelho. Espero que os meus desejos para o Natal sejam vivamente expressos a todos.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Greenpeace blocked 4 vessels in Aveiro, Portugal

The Greenpeace held today, an action in the port of Aveiro, in Portugal, against "fishing piracy" by posting notices in four fishing vessels and blocking their propellers, all belonging to the Silva Vieira Group, the owner denies any illegal practices.

Members of Greenpeace made this action using small boats semi-rigid with the flag of the movement, and displayed notices with the message "Get these pirates out of the seas", while divers took to the water with the purpose of blocking the propellers.
In a transcript released to the media, Greenpeace justified the action by the four ships, with the current designation of "Red", "Carib", "Brites" and "Aveiro", having "a history of piracy in fishing, repeatedly violating the International Fishing Regulations.

Among the alleged breaches, sailing without flag or fishing without quota law, use of illegal equipment and fishing protected species.

According to this organization, this boats change several times of identity and do not fill the fishing dairy, and ask the Portuguese authorities to proceed with the apprehend of these ships as the only effective way to ensure that not continue with such practices.

All these ships are on the Greenpace blacklist of fishing piracy, "IUU", and one of them is also referenced by the Commission of the North Atlantic Fisheries (NEAFC), according to the text released to the media.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

STOP smoking with NATURA

Want STOP smoking? Learn how to breathe. Ok, so you already know how to breathe or you wouldn't be alive. But breathing can be much more than just an essential survival component in your life. Using some simple breathing techniques can be a valuable relaxation tool, as well as enhance your health in general.Do you know why you should breathe through your nose? Taking in air through your nasal passages tells your body to be in a “rest and restore” mode. Breathing through your mouth communicates “fight or flight”. Which state do you think is more relaxing? (Yeah, I’d go with the nose, too!) Breathing through your nose actually lets you take in more oxygen. Also, your nasal passages are much, much better at filtering the air you breathe than your mouth and throat are.While at first it may seem silly to “practice” breathing, it’s really about learning to enhance your respiration. It’s no coincidence that meditation and yoga, known for their stress-relieving benefits, focus so much on breathing. There are even specific breath techniques such as “Breath of Fire” in Kundalini Yoga, with the goal of releasing anxiety, eliminating toxins, and reducing cravings. Sit back, breathe, and relax and forget smoking

You can even find this software for you PocketPC

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FON is a Movement of people building a free, global WiFi Community, sharing our experiences and ideas.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Arabian Canal

A wonderful place to spend your holiday, see around the Arabian Canal, this canal will be the world's longest artificial canal, with 75 km long. The dig of the Canal will start near the Dubai Marina area smooth inland around the massive area for planned Jebel Ali International Airport and wind its way to enter the sea once again at the outer end of Palm Jebel Ali. Dubai Waterfront forms the first phase of the larger Arabian Canal effort.The Arabian Canal will give rise to some truthfully astonishing developments even by Dubai property standards. The delta forms the base from which Dubai Waterfront will extend several kilometres out into the sea, far away from Palm Jebel Ali. The Palm Jebel Ali will form about a fifth of the enormous reclaimed component of the project. The Dubai Waterfront took two years to plan and is bigger than Manhattan and Beirut in size. The first phase of the project will concentrate on building Madinat Al Arab, a downtown type metropolis.

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